Will history spark you into fire safety mode?

  • Posted by Steve Playle Friday Aug 26, 2016
You may not be aware but there was a significant and historic event that took place three hundred and fifty years ago on the second of September. Every day as I make my way to the office, I actually walk right past the spot in Pudding Lane where this event started at the bakery of Thomas Farriner. The Great Fire of London spread rapidly west across the City of London and by the time it had finished a few days later, 13,000 homes and 87 churches were destroyed, along with the old St Paul’s Cathedral.

Quality finish to a gold medal standard

  • Posted by Steve Playle Friday Aug 12, 2016
It may be that the time has come to spruce up your tired living room with a lick of paint. Or maybe your home is in need of an entire makeover before you place it on the market to sell.

Could The Bank of England’s move to cut interest rates help you make your big move?

  • Posted by Louise Cook Monday Aug 08, 2016
Last Thursday The Bank of England cut official interest rates from 0.5% to 0.25%. As by far one of the biggest debts you are ever likely to sign up to, the fluctuations in how easy this debt will be to pay back will inevitably have a significant effect on your property choices.

Scams Awareness Month finishes on the doorstep

  • Posted by Steve Playle Monday Aug 01, 2016
July was designated as Scams Awareness Month in a joint campaign run by Citizens Advice and the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. The main objective has been to try and continue to promote the educational messages to consumers in order to make us all think twice before falling for the ever-growing number of scams that are out there. I actually don’t like the use of the word ‘scam’ – what we are really talking about is fraud which is a serious criminal offence and which is spiraling out of control as fraudsters get more and more sophisticated

Support for Mortgage interest – the broader implications

  • Posted by Louise Cook Friday Jul 22, 2016
As cautious beings in an uncertain economic environment it’s considered common practice to take out home insurance, car insurance and other cover on our prized physical possessions. But what about our health
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Letting Agents under the Microscope

  • Posted by Steve Playle Monday Jul 18, 2016
With property prices continuing to soar, more and more people are turning to property rental rather than taking out a mortgage and investing in bricks and mortar. Although there may be some short term correction in property prices following the recent Brexit decision, business is booming for letting agents and Trading Standards is finding that a rogue element has been attracted in.
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Just Windows and Doors: by TrustMark’s side since the beginning

  • Posted by Greg O'Donoghue Friday Jul 08, 2016
I set up Just Windows and Doors over 30 years ago, and it has since evolved to cover the Middlesex, Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire areas. We’ve been with TrustMark since it was set up ten years ago, through our affiliation with the Glass and Glazing Federation.
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From Telford to heroes!

  • Posted by Steve Playle Friday Jul 01, 2016
Last week saw the annual Chartered Trading Standards Institute conference where hundreds of officers from across the UK had the chance to come together, share experiences of good enforcement practice and learn a few new tricks. There was even the opportunity to find out a bit more about how TrustMark is doing its best to marginalise rogues by supporting and promoting reputable traders.
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See the value of your home surge this summer

  • Posted by Louise Cook Friday Jun 24, 2016
At last we’ve entered the warmer waters of the summer months! Summer is a great time for the property market where you can really make the most of your home. By focusing on the appearance, the value will follow. As your most valued asset, maximising the re-sale value of your home could be the best way to jump up the property ladder.
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Rooting out the rogue gardeners!

  • Posted by Steve Playle Friday Jun 17, 2016
At the time of writing my latest blog, it has rained every day for the last week and, according to the Radio 4 weather forecast, there is more to come. The British summer is still hiding which is somewhat disappointing since the nights start to draw in after 21 June. For those of us lucky enough to have a garden, the weather certainly causes more work at the weekend with the grass sprouting at an alarming rate and vegetation in need of cutting back during these ideal muggy and moist growing conditions.





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