• Posted by Steve Playle Tuesday Dec 12, 2017

Keeping warm this winter

  • Posted by TrustMark UK Wednesday Nov 29, 2017

National Consumer Week 2017

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  • Posted by Steve Playle – 13 November 2017 Wednesday Nov 22, 2017

Is your home ready for winter?

  • Posted by Brian Gregory Monday Nov 20, 2017

Christmas fire safety tips

As we all know, Christmas brings a plethora of extra jobs, buying presents for the family, to putting up decorations and, of course, cooking Christmas dinner. With such festivities taking place during this period, it is common for fire safety to take a back seat.

  • Posted by TrustMark Wednesday Oct 11, 2017

How digitally savvy are you? Top tips to generate more interest in your small business

If you are a tradesman yourself, perhaps a sole trader or a small business owner, you will be well aware of the saturated market in which your business sits and how reputation and differentiation is everything to get that phone ringing off the hook. Perhaps you are part of an accreditation scheme, such as TrustMark, whereby you can display the ‘Government-endorsed standards’ logo across your paperwork and vehicle livery – but how else can you really make the most of your business assets and unique selling points?

  • Posted by TrustMark Tuesday Sep 26, 2017

Can you put a price on a dodgy tradesman?

Our advice to customers at TrustMark has always been to get a range of quotes when finding someone to carry out home improvements, to ensure you are getting a quality job at a fair price. Amongst this, we suggest a number of other checks you should be doing which will put safeguards in place for both the customer and the firm.

Keep secure and safe
  • Posted by TrustMark Team Thursday Sep 21, 2017

Are your home security measures up to scratch?

When looking to buy a new property, you may be impressed by an intelligent alarm system or movement sensitive lighting. But after these initial considerations have worn off and the routine of daily life sets in, how much ongoing attention do you pay to the home security measures you have in place? Would you be confident enough to say they’re up to scratch?

  • Posted by TrustMark Thursday Aug 31, 2017

Real vs Fake – when it comes to grass, can you really tell the difference?

The word ‘fake’ isn’t a very popular one and by association we would team it with words like ‘cheap’ and ‘plastic’. But there is sometimes benefits to using fake, man-made products rather than the real deal. Take grass for example – fake grass is lower maintenance, some of them look as though they are real and they won’t change or die after a season of bad weather.





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