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About TrustMark

TrustMark is a company limited by guarantee and a registered Social Enterprise. It was established in 2005.  

TrustMark operates under licence from Government with the support and involvement of a wide range of trade and non-trade related organisations and individuals, all of whom have a common desire to ensure the effective functioning of the repair, maintenance and improvement (RMI) sector in the UK and the empowerment of society and consumers to find reputable tradesmen and firms in a highly fragmented market, in order to reduce the risk of consumer detriment.  All these organisations (even competing bodies) come together in TrustMark because of its Government-endorsed standards.

TrustMark’s bold vision is for a future where rogue traders are effectively eliminated from the RMI sector because of the widespread recognition of TrustMark as the quality mark to look out for, because of the extent of industry support and take up, and because the consumer will always choose to use TrustMark registered firms.

TrustMark sees its role as providing consumers with choice, confidence and protection.  It also seeks to provide reputable trades the opportunity to thrive through reputational benefits, increased business opportunities and quality referrals from the TrustMark website and other signposting channels.

TrustMark’s core values influence the way it works to achieve that vision:

  • TrustMark is committed to monitoring, safeguarding and raising standards;
  • TrustMark believes in a collaborative approach, bringing people together, building partnerships and working with others who share our purpose;
  • TrustMark stands for fairness, openness and consistency;
  • TrustMark is positive and pragmatic, looking for solutions; and
  • TrustMark is committed to a not-for-profit, social enterprise ethos.

TrustMark’s corporate governance was changed in 2012 to allow greater opportunities for a ‘Board of Talents’ – more Directors appointed with specialist expertise and experience, rather than being appointed as automatic representatives of other organisations.