TrustMark works with a number of Scheme Operators from many areas of the building service trades, consisting of trade associations, certification and governing bodies, the competent persons scheme and other related schemes where the delivery of standards is core.

In order to become part of the TrustMark Scheme a Scheme Operator must be able to demonstrate its ability to operate to the robust core criteria and comply with the rigour of the Government Endorsed Standards.

Scheme Operators offer TrustMark registration to the firms where they are able to meet the TrustMark Core Criteria. If your organisation is interested in joining TrustMark, the following overview will guide you through the requirements of the Scheme.

Starting the process

Step 1: Read and Understand the Core Criteria

Our compliance team at TrustMark will be happy to advise and support the understanding of these requirements.

Step 2: Complete and Submit Application

The application will be submitted to our compliance officer for review. Guidance notes are issued to support the completion of this phase.

Step 3: Application Assessment

This is undertaken in two stages, the first is the desktop review of the application and the information within. Where required the compliance team will contact the organisation for clarity or confirmation of details about the application.   As part of the review TrustMark will undertake a number of checks into the organisation’s business to confirm areas such as trading history, financial status, ability to trade, standing in industry along with other checks to ensure the ability of the organisation to deliver TrustMark.

The applicant at this stage will be charged a one off application fee of £2000 plus VAT.  This is non-refundable and applied to cover the costs of the application process and compliance visits.

The second phase of the application is a compliance and audit visit to the organisation from the TrustMark team. This is to ensure that the organisation is delivering what it states in the application and the criteria is being met.  

Step 4: Application presented to the Board

After the previous two phases have been completed, the full application is presented to the TrustMark Board for approval.  Depending on the outcome, the application is then processed and the applicant is advised accordingly. If the application is unsuccessful, the reasons for rejection will be given by the Board.  These will be addressed and the application can be resubmitted at a later date, without additional cost.

The time required to complete an application will vary and is based upon the complexity of the application and the time taken to collate and review the information.   

Once the application is approved, a Scheme Operator Licence will be granted.  The work of putting the systems and processes in place to recruit members will begin and TrustMark will monitor this process to ensure all commitments made in the application are being enforced.

If you are interested in becoming a TrustMark Scheme Operator, please get in contact with our